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Contacting and Visiting Teacher/Staff Websites

Please click on the teacher/staff members' name to visit their website.  


You may email the teacher/staff member by clicking the envelope icon by the teachers/staff members name.

Directory of Teachers and Staff

Contact Candice Arnwine  Candice Arnwine Teacher
Contact Mayra Arriaga  Mayra Arriaga Sys Admin
Contact Sheri Brown  Sheri Brown Teacher
Contact Laurie Burnett  Laurie Burnett Teacher
Contact Tanya Cox  Tanya Cox Teacher
Contact Ariana Gomez-Guzman  Ariana Gomez-Guzman Teacher
Contact Sasha Green  Sasha Green Teacher
Contact Mrs. Guzman-Gomez  Mrs. Guzman-Gomez Teacher
Contact Rebecca Havey  Rebecca Havey Teacher
Contact Sarah Hepler  Sarah Hepler Teacher
Contact Camellia Hudley  Camellia Hudley Sys Admin
Contact Camellia Hudley  Camellia Hudley (310) 327-8245 Principal
Contact Gary Lee  Gary Lee Teacher
Contact Lauren Luna  Lauren Luna Sys Admin
Contact Tanya McKay  Tanya McKay Teacher
Contact Margaret Mcneil  Margaret Mcneil Teacher
Contact Millicent Millender  Millicent Millender Staff
Contact Brenda Pippins  Brenda Pippins Teacher
Contact Garland Ratcliffe  Garland Ratcliffe Teacher
Contact Tosha Sargent  Tosha Sargent Teacher