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School Site Council

The School Site Council is a state mandated school-based entity that comprises teachers, parents, community members, school staff, and the principal.  There must be a 50/50 composition between school personnel and parents/community members.  The principal is a mandated member.  SSC responsibilities include:

  • developing the comprehensive Single Plan for Student Achievement
  • ensuring the school is continually engaged in identifying and implementing curriculum and instructional practices
  • developing a budget aligned to consolidated application funds and other categorical funds requiring decisions from the SSC
  • recommending Single Plan for Student Achievement to local School Board
  • recommending plan for targeting use of other categorical or supplemental funds to local School Board
  • continuously planning, monitoring, and reviewing effectiveness
  • perform an annual review and revision of plan

Members are elected to two year terms.  All meeting are open to the public and are generally held monthly.  Public discussion occurs at each meeting, but voting privileges are reserved for elected members of SSC.  Please click on the calendar to view the election and meeting dates and times.