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Reinforcing Behavior

What Can You Do To Reinforce School-Wide Positive Behavior

  • Learn and model the Leapwood School-Wide Behavioral Expectations.
  • Find the connection between the School-Wide Discipline Plan and your Classroom Management Plan (It creates consistency!)
  • Find opportunities to refer to the behavioral guidelines and expectations  in your daily lessons (Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible).
  • Consider misbehavior as an opportunity for learning.  Will the consequence teach the student what to do next time?
  • LOOK for and acknowledge students that display the behavioral expectations.  (verbal praise, tickets, stickers, positive note home, high five, etc…)

School-Wide Recognition Matrix




Presented at…

Given by…

Leapwood Pride Rewards

Following behavioral expectations 80% (earning 3’s + 4’s/month)

Special activities/

“Fun Fridays”


Teachers and Administrators

Awards Assembly

“Student of the Month”

Meeting and improving in academic/behavioral performance


Monthly assemblies

Teachers and Administrators

Caught Being Good

Following behavioral expectations in any setting.

Paw ships

Instantly presented anywhere on campus

Leapwood Staff: Teachers,

Administrators, Assistants,

Supervision Staff, Office Staff, Custodial Staff, Cafeteria Staff, etc….