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Breakfast and Lunch

Leapwood Avenue is a part of the National School Lunch and Breakfast In Class Programs through LAUSD.  Breakfast and lunch are served to students every school day.   Students may purchase lunch for $2.00.  Breakfast is free for every child who is in the classroom while it is being served at the beginning of the school day..  Lunch is served during the students lunch periods.  The monthly breakfast and lunch menu is handled by Cafe-la, LAUSD's Food Service Department.

The National Lunch Program provides free and reduced price lunches for eligible students.  Student lunch applications must be completed to be considered for the free and reduced price lunches.  You may find more information about the application process here or by speaking to the cafeteria staff.   

Please make sure your student is here before the bell rings to ensure that they receive their Breakfast In Class meal.  Also, if your child as a particular food allergy, please notify the school nurse, the teacher, office staff, and the cafeteria staff.  A parent and physician signature is required to verify allergies and the precautions that must be taken.

Leapwood has a computerized system to account for student food purchases and monies available.  Parents may load monies on their students' accounts online.  Students may load monies into their cafeteria accounts at the cafeteria.  Please ensure that your students has the correct monies for lunch as the District does not allow us to offer credit for school meals.