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Behavior Expectations

Leapwood Behavior Expectations

Our School


 Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Common Area:

 Passing Areas



  • Walk facing forward
  • Sit at your assigned table
  • Keep food, hands and objects to yourself
  • Use kind words and actions
  • Wait for your turn
  • Follow adult directions
  • Clean-up after your self
  • Follow school and classroom rules
  • Take proper care of all personal belongings and school equipment

Pavilion/Auditorium (Rainy Day)


  • Walk quietly
  • Keep food, hands and objects to yourself
  • Use quiet voices
  • Follow directions
  • Wait patiently in line until your are served
  • Clean up all trash
  • Stay seated until dismissed




  • Walk to and from the Playground
  • Stay in assigned area
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Share equipment
  • Play fairly
  • Everyone can play
  • Use restroom and get water before the bell (when the red flag is raised)
  • Follow the rules of the game




  • Keep feet on floor
  • Flush wash hands and keep water in sink
  • Throw paper towels in trash can
  • Give people privacy
  • Keep restrooms clean
  • Use restroom and then leave
  • Return to your classroom promptly
  • Conserve supplies (paper towels, toilet paper, soap)

Emergency Drills



  • Walk quietly and remain calm
  • Stay with your class
  • Follow adult directions


  • Follow school and classroom rules


Special Events and



  • Walk and use quiet voices
  • Listen for adult directions
  • Sit on bottom
  • Use quiet voices inside/outside
  • Applaud only in a respectful manner
  • Listen for adult directions